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Back from Africa; Off to America!

Every time I come home I wonder why I ever go away with such a beautiful place to have the privilege to live in so it's hard to believe I have been home four weeks and I am off to the USA in a few days time! My first thought was: a bigger contrast of two continents I cannot imagine, but the truth is that both countries are in desperate need of knowing the Father's love, as does the whole world. We seem to live in such dark times. Someone said "Love is the conduit through which light travels". How true that is!

Africa was culturally very different but people's desire to find "something more" is the same. I had such interesting conversations with people of all faiths and those with none. Many believe that the streets of Britain are paved with gold, where everyone gets a job, a house and security. They were shocked to hear that many people can't afford to buy a house, we have many homeless people and that jobs are not always that easy to come by or well paid. Many Africans own land passed down from generations so although their life is simple it is relatively secure as they have a home & can grow vegetables. Of course we don't have to deal with the corruption and sometimes violence that they have to.

America will also have it's challenges I'm sure. I will be spending the first couple of weeks with Fatherheart family which will be amazing. No matter where in the world people come from, if they have grasped the revelation of the Father's love, then it just feels like family where we can laugh, cry and be open with one another.

For the second half of my trip I will be driving round Arizona, Utah & Nevada to see the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon and all the canyons in between! I am excited but slightly nervous so prayers would be appreciated! And I am still looking for a travel companion for that part of the journey if anyone out there is interested!

I just hope I can carry a flicker of that light with me as I continue on my journey.

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