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"I've learned now to be quite content no matter what my circumstances. I'm just as happy with little as with much, with much as with little. I've found the recipe for being happy whether full or hungry, hands full or hands empty. Whatever I have, wherever I am, I can make it through anything in the One who makes me who I am." 

Philippians 4:11-14 The Message Translation

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When we get together on this Fatherheart Journey it is like being with family. It's a place of acceptance and love. It's a safe place where you can just "be"



Worship is not just singing songs. We will do that over the weekend but we can worship in many ways including just positioning ourselves before our Father so He has our full attention. This weekend gives you time and space to do that.



Whether it is sharing a meal, sharing scripture or stories of what Father has done in our lives this weekend will leave us more fulfilled by inviting others into our lives.


Helene King


Helene lives in Edinburgh, when she is at home, but, at 80, mostly travels the world encouraging people to walk in the Father’s love and live in the “now”.

One of her favourite sayings is “I get to live this life!” And she certainly lives it to the full. She helps people to discover what might be preventing them from living this life and how the Father’s grace and comfort can help us through the difficult times to a place of peace and relationship with the one who created us.


John Nuttall

Speaker and Musician 

John lives in Rochdale with his wife and family and is a Christian musician, poet, author and speaker. He was in Education as a teacher, head teacher and teacher trainer for 34 years.

Since coming out of education John has enjoyed spending more time with his foster son and grandchildren. He has written many songs in the last 24 years, each one expressing His love for Jesus and His Father and how, along with the Holy Spirit, want to live in relationship with us. He also, very skilfully, links his songs to his teaching.


Liz Carter


Liz has written an insightful & inspirational book called "Catching Contentment". 

Having battled with lung disease from a young age, Liz suffered at the hands of bullies, and, reluctantly, given up her much-loved teaching job, she has plenty to complain about.

But she has made a point of exploring contentment. She has drawn particularly on Paul's letter to the Philippians. 'Contentment is something we can all catch hold of,' she believes, 'whatever circumstances we find ourselves in.'

Liz helps to transform our understanding of contentment. Not just for people like her, a lifelong sufferer, but for everyone no matter what their circumstances. 

Learn more about Liz's Journey here

IMG_1041.JPG (1).jpeg

Jim Hall


Jim, and his wife Irene, live in Northern Ireland. They have one daughter and four grandchildren. They are part of Fatherheart Ireland, the local expression of Fatherheart Ministries.

In 2006 their lives were transformed when they attended a conference with James and Denise Jordan in Belfast. This had a massive impact in enabling them to start living as a Son and daughter to our heavenly Father.

Jim works as a psychotherapists and is passionate about walking with others as they step into a greater level of freedom in their lives.

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The weekend

Friday 26th April

  • Registration is from 3pm 

  • 6pm - Dinner

  • 7.30pm - 9pm Evening Session 

Saturday 27th April​

  • 7am - 9am Breakfast for overnight guests

  • 9.30am - 11am First Session 

  • 11am - 11.30 Tea or Coffee

  • 11.30am - Second Session

  • 12.30 - 2pm - Lunch

  • 2pm-4pm - Soaking or a time to relax, reflect and explore the grounds

  • 4pm - 6pm - Afternoon session with mid- break for Tea or Coffee

  • Either an evening session or time for a drink and get to know each other​​

Sunday 28th April

  • Breakfast 7am - 9am

  • 9.30am - 11.00am First Session 

  • 11.00am - Tea or Coffee

  • 11.30am - Second Session

  • 12.30 - 2pm - Lunch

  • 2pm -4pm - Afternoon session with mid- break for tea or coffee

  • Hugs and Goodbyes as we need to vacate the building by 5pm

  • All timings are approximate and flexible!

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Sunrise over the Wheat Field


The price is £210 for the weekend (£105 per person per night)

for a double en suite bedroom.

Unfortunately there are no single or twin-bedded rooms

so the price is per person regardless.

The price for a daily delegate is £90 for the whole weekend

including dinner and talk on Friday (£45 per day)

The price includes dinner on the Friday, breakfast, lunch & dinner on the Saturday & breakfast & lunch on the Sunday, plus limitless coffee and tea. They charge extra for specialist coffees and herbal teas so I suggest you bring your own. I believe each room has it's own kettle to make drinks.

It is always nice to spend time with like minded people and get to know each other over a drink in the evening, or even a game of pool or table tennis.  However, if you want to come on a daily basis that is also possible.


For the whole weekend a deposit of £105.00pp is due upon registration

The remainder of £105.00 will be due 3 weeks before the event.

You can pay by credit card via paypal here   (

Upcoming Events: About the Camp
Wycombe Court Building7.jpg

Fatherheart Journey Conference 2019 "Finding Contentment"

26 Apr, 15:00 – 28 Apr, 17:00

Lane End Conference Centre, Church Rd, Lane End, High Wycombe HP14 3HH, UK

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In a world where we are bombarded by consumerism telling us what we need to make ourselves content, come and find out where the true source of contentment lies and how to access it.

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