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At last my leg is repaired enough to be able to walk the dogs myself. What a delight to be able to walk in the beautiful countryside where I live. Since moving here 10 years ago, walking in all weathers, this has always been my "God" time Not that I don't know he is with me always but walking in His amazing creation somehow seems to give me a greater connection to Father.

Although the conference "Finding Contentment" is about finding it in the dark places and hard times it is also good to remember what simple pleasures also give us contentment, Walking in the woods today and seeing the first bluebells just brings joy to my heart. Hearing the Skylark as it flutters higher and higher upwards singing it's beautiful song. Too bigger sound to be coming from such a small courageous bird. Seeing the new born lambs frolicking without a care in the world in the sunshine....... I remember one of my most content times was walking in the field behind me, this time last year, with two dogs and a lamb behind me. It was earlier than I would normally rise but being on three hourly feeds was necessary, and I would make myself a very large cup of tea and wander out there with them.........not a soul in sight, just the wonderful smells and sounds that only come with the early morning. Maybe Father gives us these moments to treasure in our hearts for those times when we need to seek contentment most....

I feel a real excitement about the conference. I believe Father is bringing together a group of people who are willing to trust and put their hope in the only One who can bring us complete contentment in all circumstances.

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