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Frustration to Contentment

A week on and my ankle is no better but after a visit to the hospital it seems there is not a lot more I can do than rest and wait. I have had amazing help from friends as I have two labradors who need walking twice a day. It is now that I appreciate living in a small village. Within days news had spread about my fall and people's love and practical help has blown me away.

Yesterday was a beautiful blustery day with blue skies and I looked on in envy as I saw my friend walking the dogs. Today it was torrential rain so I was so glad it was not me having to walk them. How fickle I am! But the frustration I felt at the beginning of the week I have managed to turn into a blessing. Being a busy person I never have time to sort out emails, read the numerous books I have wanted to read for years, or immerse myself in the Word. Before I would feel guilty sitting and doing such things for any length of time. And of course it has given me space to converse with my Father and suddenly I've realised what a blessing and privilege this is. Paul in Philippians says "I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation." I'm not saying I'm there yet but this has been a big learning curve in trusting that Father is as close as my breath bringing me comfort and contentment.

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