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Last Year's Conference, The Beast from the East and the Man who came in from the Cold!

Updated: Nov 14, 2018

The 2018 conference was held on the weekend of 2nd to 4th March, when the "Beast from the East" decided to descend on us! Most people braved the snow storm but the venue wasn't in a very accessible place and a few people were sent up very narrow one way roads. I was impressed by people's tenacity to get there!

The subject of the conference was "Hope" and we all pressed on trusting and hoping that our God is far greater than any storm. It actually was a very special time, one of reflection, fellowship and laughter. Helene King was supposed to be flying in from Edinburgh on the Friday afternoon but didn't actually arrive until Saturday evening. Mark Gyde braved it from Abingdon on the Saturday and John Nuttall and his lovely wife, Chris, did an amazing job of feeding us with wonderful worship and words of wisdom.

We then had a surprise visit from a very special person from New Zealand on the Saturday evening. Frank Naea arrived, bravely driven from Shropshire by John Ladlow, in just the clothes he stood up in as his luggage had been lost somewhere en route from Germany! Frank always brings a sense of fun and is a picture of what it is to live as a son of our Father.

We hope this year will be less eventful, weather wise, but certainly not content wise! An who knows what surprise speakers may turn up this year!

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