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Lucy Lamb is 1 Year Old!

A year ago I took in a tiny shivering little lamb who had been rejected by her mother. For five weeks she lived in the house and became part of the family. I challenge anyone who claims sheep are stupid, she knew exactly how to get your attention, food and best bed in the house. When I got to the stage where I realised she was just too big & bossy to live in the house. I gave her to Bucks Goat Farm but unfortunately she was bullied by the goats so they passed her on to a farmer, who, when I finally tracked him down, asked if I would like her back as he was retiring! Lucy is now in her forever home at Hill Farm Sanctuary with her new human friends plus a herd of badger sheep, donkeys, asses, highland cattle, ponies, horses and miniature goats. Needless to say she feels more at home with the humans and goats, who she is now the boss of as she is bigger than them, (the goats that is!) On Wednesday, Lindsay who owns the farm with her husband and mother, is having a birthday party for Lucy with the children with learning disabilities, who she does a lot of work with, complete with Lucy food orientated pass the parcel!

What a journey for one lamb in a year! At least it wasn't a journey to the dinner table....... I know she is very happy in her new home and can't wait to see what she looks like when she is sheared later in the year. The other day I had a phone call from the Animal Plant Health Agency asking if they could come and check my feed. When I said I didn't know what she was talking about she said my name had been passed on by Trading Standards because I owned a sheep! When I told her I no longer had a sheep she said would I like to be taken off the register but I said "No, just in case"....... after all it is lambing season again! Watch this space!!

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