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There is a Season

Walking on an amazing autumn day today it made me think of the seasons in our lives. Initially I was thinking autumn is a season of dying as the leaves fall and all the plants die back, but the hedgerows are alive with berries ready to feed the birds & animals in this time of little provision. As the wind blew the leaves rose up and danced for a while before falling to the ground where they will become the substance for future trees & plants.

In our lives it can seem like we're going through autumnal times, where we feel a lack of life, where days can be grey and there are no signs of harvest. But if we liken it to nature there is so much life under the surface. It may be a time for reflection and mulching. Just sitting with what we have, remembering that not just the good things die back but the weeds are also laid dormant. I believe this is a time when The Master Farmer can cut back all things we no longer need & bring forth the fruit we need to see us through the barren times of winter. May we use this fruit to sustain us and also feed others.

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