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A Few Cuddles Mean So Much!

I'm really looking forward to another Zoom with John MacDonald and my Fatherheart family on Friday 31st July. I have to say I have missed not doing it every week but felt as lockdown eases people may want to spend Friday evening with family and friends they haven't seen for some time. At last I have been able to hug my grandchildren and my sons and daughter in laws. Oh how I have missed that physical contact! Still not being able to hug friends is frustrating for a tactile person like me. We are created for community, which to me is demonstrating love to people by hugs as well as words.

Hopefully this week's Zoom will happen without any technical glitches! Last time I spoke on wide open spaces which I am still exploring. I think I am only just beginning to see and experience the incredible vastness of God and how we are all connected to Him and therefore all He has created. Yet He is as close as a breath and loves us all individually as His sons and daughters. He is Spirit yet walked the earth as a human. He feels our pain and our joy and He loves us because His very being is love. He is our Father and His desire is to have a relationship with us, His children. Yet His Kingdom knows no bounds. And somehow I am caught up in all of this, with Father, Son & Holy Spirit, surrounded by them and embraced in a wonderful, amazing eternal dance. No wonder I cannot grasp this with my human mind but I believe the eyes of my heart are being opened to receive whatever Father has for me. I am excited to continue the journey....

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