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Zooming Together!

I have loved doing the weekly Zoom meetings. They were born out of the fact that I couldn't invite people to my house for brunch and to listen to someone speaking from Fatherheart Ministries, which I used to do once a month when I was in the country. It soon became evident that people wanted to meet up more often and it has meant that people who I could never physically have in my home because of where they live, have been able to join us. I have made new friends and my Fatherheart family has grown. We are moving to once fortnightly after last week as restrictions during Coronavirus are lifting slightly and people might want to spend time with friends and family. I have to say I can't wait to hug my grandchildren and with nine of them thats lots of hugs! But it also seems very strange not inviting you all this week.

Last week Richard Jones spoke about death, both physical and spiritual. So many of us live by our souls; our mind, our will and our emotions, but it says in John 4:24 that God is Spirit and we should worship Him in spirit and truth. In death there is resurrection. As we lie down in green pastures as many of us have had to do in this time of isolation we can allow Father to minister to our hearts and learn to feed from the tree of life instead of the tree of good and evil. We can die to self and learn to live as true sons and daughters of our Heavenly Father. He has been speaking to me about "wide open spaces' recently which hopefully I will share with you at our next meeting. It is not a physical space but how as we receive from the tree of life I believe our heart expands to an unfathomable size as we live by the spirit and not the flesh.

All the speakers within Fatherheart ministries do not receive a wage from the ministry. They live by faith and through their extensive travelling rely on offerings, donations and sponsors. Obviously in these times when they haven't been travelling their income is greatly decreased. I'm sure many of you already sponsor people or have offered money through Fatherheart Ministries but if you feel you would like to give to a specific speaker because what they have said has really spoken to your heart or if you would like to give to the ministry, Mark Gyde has suggested I give out the the link to my PayPal account, and if you say who you want the money to go to I will make sure it gets to that person or to the ministry.

This month will be a Scottish month with Helene King speaking next Friday, 17th July, and John MacDonald on 31st. I look forward to seeing those who can join us.

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