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Lucy the Lamb Update!

Updated: Nov 14, 2018

For those that know me well will know that back in April I rescued a lamb who had been rejected by her mother and couldn't walk properly. The farmer said take her home and when I rang him a few days later to see when he wanted her back he said "You wanted her so she's yours now!" She had a foot infection and then got pneumonia but she soldiered through.

My dogs were amazing with her and for the five weeks she lived in the house with us I think she wasn't sure if she was a dog or human! It became obvious that she couldn't spend her life living this way so with a saddened heart I made the decision to give her to the Bucks Goat centre near Aylesbury, which is a petting farm with other animals also. A local farmer usually has some rejected lambs he loans them until they are weaned but he hadn't had any this year so they were very excited to have Lucy.

I visited her often with friends and grandchildren but after a while it did seem that she was being bullied by the goats. When I turned up to visit her a couple of weeks ago i was upset to find she wasn't there but then discovered that they had given her to the local sheep farmer so she can learn to be a sheep at last. He has sent me pictures and I can still go and visit her.

It was a humbling experience having Lucy in my life for that short time. Animals have a wonderful childlike trust for those who care for them, just how we should be with our loving Father.

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